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If you are employed with a steady income, but are still struggling with overwhelming debt and falling behind on your mortgage, The Get Out of Debt Law Offices in San Diego of Ronald E. Stadtmueller can help you get quick relief and save your home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to pay off a portion of their debts in installments. You can pay these installments over a three-to-five-year period under a court-ordered repayment plan. Contact us and have the remainder of your qualifying debt discharged with a trained bankruptcy law specialist in San Diego.
Filed individually or jointly with your spouse, Chapter 13 bankruptcy resembles loan consolidation that lowers your monthly payments to a manageable level. With more than 30 years of experience, we can help you file Chapter 13 quickly and efficiently.
Once you have filed for bankruptcy with your law specialist in San Diego, your creditors must immediately stop collection efforts, including harassing letters and phone calls.

Our Bankruptcy Law Specialist in San Diego Helps You Avoid Home Foreclosure

One of the many advantages of a Chapter 13 filing is that you can save your home from a foreclosure. A court-issued automatic stay stops foreclosure as soon as you file your Chapter 13 petition. You can then cure your delinquent mortgage payments over your repayment period.

Chapter 13 requires you to develop a plan with a reasonable schedule for bringing your past-due payments current, allowing you to keep your home. The Get Out of Debt Law Offices in San Diego of Ronald E. Stadtmueller has experience with foreclosure matters, and we put our knowledge to use, to protect your home during the bankruptcy process.

Lowering Debt Payments and Protecting Co-Debtors

A Chapter 13 plan restructures your secured debts so that you can pay them over a longer period, often in lower payment amounts. In addition, it may be possible to protect co-signers of certain loans, so as to avoid putting business partners and family members at risk of loss from your bankruptcy.

Our experienced bankruptcy law specialist in San Diego does a complete analysis of your financial situation to develop strategies and identify your best filing options. Don’t let crushing debt drive you out of your home. Chapter 13 can protect your home, lower your monthly expenses, and allow you to discharge qualifying debt.
Call The Get Out of Debt Law Offices in San Diego of Ronald E. Stadtmueller today or contact us online to schedule your bankruptcy consultation at any of our offices, at Rancho Bernardo, Mission Valley, San Marcos or La Jolla.


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