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Say no to many wants so you can save money as much as you can while still trying to enjoy the small things.

Debt-free individuals are a rare breed, especially in today’s world. All have bought the lie that financial peace only happens when you have credit card points out of the wazoo, your FICO score is above average, and your mailbox is full of those credit card application forms.

When you hear about individuals who live on less than they make, have no debt, and have a cash pool for emergencies, you might think they are weird. But living a debt-free life is not only for a particular group. It is something anyone can do with hard work and some unique characteristics.

Check out these eight (8) characteristics of debt-free people.

1. They are counter-cultural. These people know that debt is not a tool to help them win. Society tells humanity you have to have a credit card to survive, you cannot go to college without student loans, and you will always have a car payment. These are straight-up myths.

2. They use self-control. Accordingly, adults make a plan and follow it. Children do what feels good. A person who wants to get out of debt has the willpower to walk past the clothes section (with the significant sale) or the flat-screen 65″ TV aisle without making an impulse purchase. This type of steadfast discipline frees up more cash to counter their debts. With every debt they pay off, their confidence grows by bounds and leaps. 

3. They are not afraid to say no. It is hard to live a debt-free life if you are always saying yes to every social opportunity that comes your way. Whether it is a vacation, a shopping trip, eating out with friends, or even spending cash on a whim, it is vital to keep the word no in your vocabulary.   

4. They set goals. No-brainer, right? Debt-free living is a goal, so individuals who want to achieve it keep that objective in front of them. They set specific, measurable, time-sensitive goals, yours, and in writing. And they map out a strategy and figure out what they want to do to make it happen.

5. They are confident. People who believe in their money plan do not care what others think of them. They are okay with driving an older car because it does not have a payment. They do not need to take expensive vacations to post glamorous photos on social media. They look at price tags and not only at brand names. Why? Because they have given up trying to keep up with the Joneses next door.

6. They are willing to make sacrifices. Going to movies every weekend, eating out, and getting a premium cable package are things an individual might have to avoid while becoming debt-free. But bear in mind: Budget cuts are just temporary. Once the debt is gone, there is more room in the budget for those movie-and-a-dinner dates.

7. They are generous. Debt-free individuals know that they have the freedom to give and live generously. These people know that the more they keep their hands fully open, the more fun they can have with cash. Whether they are helping family, friends, church, or a mission they believe in, it is always more fun to contribute to a more significant cause than stockpiling that money for themselves. As others say, “Giving is the most fun you will ever have with money.” Try it and see for yourself!

8. They do not compare. Debt-free people do not reach their lives on social media or to those down the street. They know they are on their journey, chasing after their own goals and dreams. And because they are not comparing themselves to others, they are more at peace and content with their lives.

Live a Debt-Free Life Too!

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