Frugal living is not about being cheap; it is about being resourceful.

The word frugal is often misconceived as a negative one. However, although a frugal lifestyle can seem like a sacrifice in quality, it does not have to be. Instead, you can be frugal in ways that add more value to your life.

Continue reading and dive into what it means to be frugal. Plus, check out some frugal living tips to get started!

What Does Frugal Living Mean?

The beauty of frugality is that modifying your habits in spending, in just a few key ways, can have a significant payoff for your entire financial picture. Saving money by being frugal can be done without sacrificing all you love. Instead, you can find ways to get what you love at a better and more reasonable price while identifying what you can live without.  

Further, the best part about frugality is that you can create your approach. You decide where you will live unwillingly and where you will live primarily. And an excellent way to start living frugally is to slowly add new frugal tips and strategies. Try them out and see how they feel. If you like a plan, then keep it and add another. If you hate a system, let it go and try something else. Try many strategies before you indeed find your frugal stride.

6 Frugal Living Tips

To start saving more now, try making these six essential frugal habits.

1. Start budgeting. Making and sticking to a budget is fundamental to your financial success. Although budgeting is not necessarily fun, it is a vital puzzle piece. Within your budget, you can categorize things that genuinely matter and ruthlessly cut out things that do not. Remember that there is nothing wrong with occasionally splurging on the things you like. Just make sure you are saving for these purchases in advance. If you want to take a specific trip with friends, buy a pair of shoes or a nice bag and put aside the money. 

2. Buy Used by making it a habit to buy second hand whenever you can. Try stacking up savings without actually having to forgo anything. Consider buying secondhand when you need clothing, glassware, kitchen goods, home decor and furniture, school supplies, or even a car. Buying anything brand new often means paying the total price, whereas buying things used can lead to big bargains and does not necessarily require you to compromise quality. For example, check out your local thrift shop or consignment store if you need a new pair of pants. You might find name-brand options at a fraction of the cost. 

3. Check out coupons. Groceries can be costly even if you buy them in volume. Take advantage of coupons, and boy, if you look, you will find them. You can save a few dollars on each trip to the store. Those savings can add up quickly!

4. Evaluate your subscriptions. Are you at fault for having more subscriptions than you need? Take the time to assess your subscriptions and decide which ones are worth keeping. If you cancel the rest, you might have more time to enjoy one or two subscriptions.

5. Pay down your debt. Debt is a load on your resources. Make it your priority to clear your debts for good. Once you delete debt from your life, you will never want to go back. Seeking thrifty ways to live within your means will permit you to break free from these financial burdens.  

6. Fun for free. What makes a challenge easier is making it fun. One of the best thrifty living tips is having fun for free. There are a lot of free fun things to do, such as having a picnic, going to the park, or having a bonfire are just some free fun things to do.

Good Credit Brings More Savings

Transposing your mindset to embrace frugality in small ways can lead to significant savings. Likewise, minding your credit and adopting good credit habits that increase your score over time is crucial to saving more money. It is easier to qualify for advantageous loan terms when you need to borrow when you have a higher score, such as when you buy a home or finance a car.

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